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FLF 1/20/2012

19 Jan

Hey everyone! I have to apologize for my lack of keeping the blog up to date with the FLF things and new releases.  There is a lot of new stuff in the store if you wanna go check it out.  Plus, there is good incentive to do so, because today only I have a really cute outfit available as well as a rocking horse, both for just 50L.
bC - Sugar Baby Ad

Abby Lane - Rocking Horse Ad



If you haven’t heard yet, I thought for a few days about what I wanted to do to celebrate my RL birthday in SL.  I usually do a sale in the store or make some kind of ‘available for one day only’ thing or whatever.

This year I’ve decided to do something bigger than that.  I want to give one person a really awesome thing that others will benefit from as well.

From today January 12th until my birthday January 21st, every bedroom purchased will be an entry into a random drawing.

What does the winner get?

The winner will get to sit down and talk with me about what their dream room would be like.  From that conversation I will create their dream room which we will name together and they will receive for FREE.


Abby Lane 50L Friday /kids/ 12/23

23 Dec

This week I’ve created a really adorable holiday art easle.. it’s the perfect addition to any room to add that hint of holiday cheer with the essence of children living in the home.

Abby Lane - Holiday Art Easle Ad


Available for 50L only on 12/23/2011


SLURL to Abby Lane

It’s Friday and I’ve been busy!

14 Oct

Of course, its Friday and that means newness for Fifty Linden Friday kids!

This week I am really happy with the combination I’ve put together.  I paid close attention to detail and put together a really cute posh look for the classy babykids who love to be high styling. Meet Amberlynn, cute separates made for the cutest divas out there.

I won’t bore you with a bunch of chatter, here’s the pic… hope to see you soon.

baby couture - Amberlynn Poster


Stop by BabyCouture to pick up Amberlynn before midnight tonight, when it goes back up to full price!

Trina @ TKR

16 May

I have this adorable new dress which I’ve done a child size and tiny tot size for and it’s available for just 70L at The Kids Room from May 16-30 so get it while you can before it goes to regular price!

A big thank you to Caesey Sawson for modeling with me.

Summer is almost here!

13 May

I’ve put up an adorable outfit for 50L Friday today and will be marked to regular price no later than Sunday night.  I know I’m like super late to post the photo to the blog but in all sincerity I forgot I had the blog until today.  Sooo I’ll work on keeping you all up to date on new releases and such via this blog for those who are still following it.  Thanks so much for keeping an eye out it means a lot that you all enjoy the things I create and care enough to follow along!

Shabby Chick Princess Styles!

11 Feb

Today I’ve put some really adorable things for all the pink and fluff lovers out there!

At Baby Couture I have put out an outfit that is perfect for Valentine’s day but also for any time of year as well! It’s a pink top with lace and bows and an adorable ladybug making a heart that says Love Bug paired with some black pants with lacey cuffs too!  There are some child size shoes included and I must say I love this outfit even if the pink makes me itchy.

[BabyCouture] Valentine Ad

As many of you know I now own Abby Lane and I’m really happy to release the first of many brand new sets! This one is good for those princesses who like a more shabby look.  With flowers and lace this set is sure to make any little girl feel at peace when she goes to her room.  There is a working music box and this set features a rezzable sleepover mat.  To use the mat you just click the linens on the shelf and your friends have a comfy place to spend the night.

Abby Lane - Shabby Princess Entire Set Ad

Did someone say camp?

6 Jan

We all know it’s that time of year! Christmas is past and the new year has come, the winter air has us bundled from head to toe and it could only mean one thing. Camp is near!

This winter is sure to be a week full of family, friends, and fun just like always but who says you have to shiver in your beds at night!?

I’ve created some adorable comfy Pijayz for you all and personalized them for camp.  For those of you not attending I’ve done a version for you as well so don’t feel left out!