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New Poses @ [BabyCouture] Munchkins

25 Jun

New poses have just arrived at [BabyCouture] Munchkins! Check them out!

BC Munchkins - Family Pose 15

BC Munchkins - Family Pose 14

BC Munchkins - Family Pose 13

BC Munchkins - Family Pose 12

BC Munchkins - Family Pose 11

BC Munchkins - Family Pose 10

Also, just cause you are special, there is a free pose for you all.

BC Munchkins - Family Pose JUNE FREEBIE


FLF /kids/ @ Babycouture – 6/17/2011

16 Jun

Hi Babykids!

Another Friday, another good deal at BabyCouture!  This Friday, Kylei has outdone herself and made an adorable outfit and coordinating shoes to match. First up, we have the cuteness that is Kier, available in child and toddler sizes:
[BabyCouture] Kier Ad

[BabyCouture] Tiny Tots - Kier Ad

Kylei also has some amazing flats for you guys this week!  The Kier flats are a sneak preview of things to come at Babycouture.  The best part, only $L50 and can fit toddlers, children and adults!

[BabyCouture] Kier Flats Ad

[BabyCouture] Tiny Tots - Kier Flats

Both are 50L until Midnight SLT tomorrow, so hurry on down to BabyCouture!   Also, make sure you check out the other stores in 50 L Friday /kids/ this week!

BabyCouture @ The Kids’ Room

13 Jun

Hi Babykids!
Its a new round at The Kids Room and BabyCouture has a very cute pajama set for you all:

Coryn is sized for kids but can be easily sized down for all of you little ones.

There is also a special color of Coryn just for BabyCouture VIP’s.  The group is only $L100 and membership includes special offers and gifts just for group members.

To join, either IM myself (CrystalJewell Resident) for a group invite or copy/paste this link into chat:

50 L Fridays Kids @ BabyCouture

9 Jun

Hi Babykids!

It’s Friday, Friday, everyone get down . . errr yeah.

Anyway, its Friday and that can only mean one thing, time for 50L Friday Kids!  BabyCouture is participating, as usual, and Kylei has sweated over her sewing machine and made you all a cute outfit for this week.  Meet Alexi:

[BabyCouture] Alexi Ad

Only 50L until Midnight SLT tomorrow, so hurry on down to BabyCouture!

This Week@ BabyCouture and Tiny Tots Clothing Co.

2 Jun

Hi Babykids!

Lots of new things are available for you this week at Baby Couture and Tiny Tots Clothing Co.  First, [BabyCouture] is one of the stores participating in The Kids Closet and Kylei has made a cute outfit for you guys.

Malisa can be worn as a dress or a nightgown, and both child and toddler sizes are included for $L70.  Make sure you stop by and pick it up, its only avaliable for that price for two weeks!

Its Friday, and you know what that means!  Fifty Linden Fridays!!!
This week at [BabyCouture] Kylei made two dresses just for you guys, Tami.

Its only $L50 for tomorrow only and is avaliable in kid size and in toddler sizes!

Make sure you hurry on down to [BabyCouture] and pick them up before midnight Saturday!!!