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Zaara is 50L Today only!

14 May

Hi babykids! I’ve got a brand new outfit up in the store and it’s 50L for today only!

This is an adorable ensemble that I worked really hard to make the jewelry something unique and completely cute for all you lil babykids!  The outfit comes complete with a choker, a bracelet, and even a matching anklet to fit perfectly with this adorable printed dress perfect for the warm summer days.

Get it today because it’ll go full price before you know it!

Note: The feet will be available at SLINK very soon.. the kids size is currently not available because they are being updated.


OMG SHOES! & 50L Friday /kids/

6 May

Whew… I’ve got a ton of shoes and by a ton I mean 4 new pairs and 2 of them are in 10 colors each!  Remember that you can get the fatpack at a huge discount!

Before I get into all the shoes… this is an outfit I did about 2 weeks ago but hadn’t gotten around to making anything else to release with it and with all those shoes made I’d say now is as good of a time as any.  It comes with a brown shoe option and a purple shoe option mostly because I couldn’t decide.

[BabyCouture] Nikki Ad

Now for the shoes, first off I’ll introduce you to CLAIRE.  These sandals are some of my favorite that I’ve ever built and they are finally available for sale individually.  They are free with the purchase of the VIVIAN outfit but if you’d like to get them separate in the new release section for now, following that you can find them downstairs in the shoe department.

[BabyCouture] Claire Sandels Ad

I’ve also done 2 adorable pairs of flats in 10 very soft colors perfect for the approaching seasons.

[BabyCouture] Sunday Fatpack Ad

[BabyCouture] Sunday Bundle Ad

And finally I have for you this weeks 50L Friday /kids/ item!  It’s a build I did last summer but never put it up for sale, they are colorchange and all you do is click for the menu.  I’ve revisisted and redone them a bit and here they are for 50L only on May 7, 2010!

[BabyCouture] Colorchange Jellie's Ad