Audie G: Larnia Love-Hate Relationship

13 Jan

I LOVE Larnia. I Hate Larnia too. I looove all the clothes and items they have but I HATE how often I come back to get more *giggles* I Love it so much I can’t stop buying! So when I heard about these outfits I HAD to get them!

Heath Pevensey and Rory Larnia are two amazing kids and I am absolutely glad I met them and their store!

The two outfits are known as “Funky Love” (left) and “Lil’ Emo” (Right). Shoes sold Separately but VERY affordable!

They come with the top, Bottom, Leggings (for the “Funky Love” Outfit), Leg Warmers, and Arm Warmers. The “Lil’ Emo” Outfit comes with a hat too (not shown)!

The Funky Love shoes are the only Shoes from Larnia Shown in the photos Below. Want to know the best part!? Larnia is having these outfits on sale for 50L til tomorrow! Get moving babykids and don’t Miss this great deal!

(I am on the left O_O I dont normally have black hair rofl! my Twinny, Kalee, is on the right!)

(*points out that the shoes on the right are NOT from Larnia Kids*)

(The Necklace is also NOT from Larnia Kids. It’s from LacieCakes. We each got one for Christmas and my favorite thing about it other than the fact that I love photography was that it is a photo changing necklace so you can add multiple pictures!)

The Info!!

On Audra (left):

Outfit: Larnia Kids – Funky Love (necklace included)

Shoes: Larnia Kids – Funky Love Shoes

Skin: Curio – Ecru-Pure (with freckles)

Hair: Truth – Jess (freebie!)

On Kalee (Right):

Outfit: Larnia Kids: Lil’ Emo (Hat included but not pictured)

Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – UBU PornStar Lo-Tops (wow what a funny name…a play on All-stars!)

Necklace: LacieCakes – Lolaroid Photo Necklace

Hair: Magika – Sugar (discontinued)

Skin: Curio – Ecru-Pure (with freckles)

Hopefully next Blogpost I will have a new skin/shape for you all!

That’s all for now Babykids!

❤ Audie G


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