Audie G: LOTD and a Hello!

11 Jan

I have wanted to blog about kids fashion for a LONG time! Not just the bargains and awesome freebies (though don’t get me wrong I am a bargain shopper too) but the normal buy with $L clothes too! So for my first pose I figured I would introduce myself and show you one of my favorite outfits of the moment. After I (re)put it together I realized half of it is unavailable! But what the heck! If you like the ones that are still available; I should still share!

So a little about myself. My in-world name is Audra Graves. Most people call me Aud or Audie (my momma calls me Chickadee…which is so unrelated to what I was saying). I like to ramble if you haven’t noticed. I am 5 and have a twin sister named Kalee. We are often dressed alike but as a lot of my LOTDs will show, we have our own style.

You don’t have to wear every peice to one outfit. In fact, I QUADRUPLE DOG DARE YOU to do otherwise. Pull different peices from different outfits. Dont be afraid, you may be surprised at how unique you will look! That is what we hope to accomplish on top of showing some of the hottest (can we use that word with kids fashion?) kids clothes out there! Even better; not all kids clothes we wear were made specifically for kids! Look how well we pulled it off! Do it! Add us to your favorites! Keep coming back! We urge you and we know you want to! 😛

I have a passion for shoes. RL and SL. So I often pick an outfit around my shoes. This outfit was nooo exception! These are my favorite pair of boots! The Rainbow Lace Boots from Razzbery Inc.. Throw on some skinny Cupcake jeans from Cuppycake and I can go from there! I talked to the owner of Razzberry Inc., Jayme Lorakeet, about her boots. While they were not out for sale when I talked to her, she was thinking of bringing them back out for now, but best of all she will be making an updated version of them!

Skin: Curio – Ecru-Pure (freckles)

Hair: Magika – Suweet in Red (Discontinued)

Earrings: Prettiful – Earrings (Crayon) FS

Jacket: Posh Tots –  Part of the Chris Jacket outfit – (Store is Closed)

Jeans: Cuppycake – Cupcake Jeans

Boots: Razzberry Inc. – Rainbow Lace Boots (Possibly out BUT updated version will be made)

Glasses: Kako Colored Glasses (could not find store anymore)

Shirt: Intrigue Co. – Watermelon Shirt (past hunt prize)

Location: Creamshop

That’s it for today babykids!

❤ Audie G


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