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6 Oct

Feel that breeze?! That’s the fall wind coming at you. And YOU need trendy fall clothing, right??! Well don’t fret, [Baby Couture] has exactly what you need! [Baby Couture] has begun releasing, it’s fall fashion line! There will be a handful off releases, following this one! So, let’s not waste anymore time!!

First we have the Lil Pumpkin.

This is one of the first autumn outfits released and crazy adorable. On the white babydoll top sits a crazy sweet pumpkin<3. We have an orange patterned under top which matches the lining of the babydoll. And to complete the ensemble, it comes with an adorable dark wash, denim jean! This is an adorable outfit for the thanksgiving season! Take a look!

Next we have the Sage! This is one of my favourite outfits from this release. It’s a full outfit; Starting with a light green dress, coupled with perfectly striped leggings and a matching under top for the dress! This outfit comes complete with pink Maryjane’s and a hat!! It’s absolutely adorable for thanksgiving dinner with the family! Take a look!

Last but certainly not least, we have Vicky!

This is a jean and sweater outfit. Absolutely amazing and perfect for this fall season! The super cute sweater is fuzzy and has an awesome, big flower design on it, that matches the adorable flower pattern on the jean! Then, sneakers that compliment the outfit perfectly! It’s a great ensemble for apple or pumpkin picking with the family!! Take a peek!

See! But remember there is ALWAYS more coming at [Baby Couture]! There are more releases to follow and remember to HIT that Midnight Madness board to the outfits, that AREN’T for sale!! Excited??! You should be! So head on down to [Baby Couture] and pick up these AMAZINGLY low priced items. You’ll definitely be happy you did!

Remember, Fashion makes perfect! Can’t wait to see you around [Baby Couture]!

This is Riley Sapphire Signing off :]

Peace, love & fashion,

Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager