15 Sep

Hey Fashion bloggers!

Got a quick release for you AND A SALE!!! It’s one, but the FIRST of a long line of FALL outfits! This one will definitely have you up and TPing to [Baby Couture] faster than you can say “LINDENS”!

So, I bring you the Lyzzie outfit.

This is the PERFECT outfit for fall! The colors are totally cute! So, starting at the top, we have a soft brown base with white polka-dot babydoll top. Displayed ON the top, there are a few lovely and adorable flowers. Now, for the bottom we have a pair of light-wash denim pants, with an amazing little flair that totally matches the babydoll! Now, last but definitely not least, a pair of green ballet flats and top off the ensemble perfectly. This number is amazing for fall. It’s warm but light and totally awesome while you’re out with walks with family and friends! Check it out!!


That’s right, FOUR of the BC outfits (Olivia, Lakin, Jenny and Teressa) ARE ALL on sale for 150L. ONLY 150!!!! Remember you MUST be in the group to get the discount. So go… GO! head on down to [Baby Couture] and pick up the Lyzzie outfit and the awesome 4 sale dresses!

Remember, Fashion makes perfect! Can’t wait to see you around [Baby Couture]!

This is Riley Sapphire Signing off :]


Peace, love & fashion,

Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager


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