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17 Aug

Hey Fashionistias!

This is Riley Sapphire coming to you with TWO fantastic NEW Releases from the cutest kids store in your Second Life; [Baby Couture]! This new release is sure to have you up and grabbing those outfits in just seconds!

Let’s not waste anymore time! First off we have the Janelle!

This outfit is a MUST have for any stylin’ gal in SL. It’s absolutely wonderful. It’s perfect shade of pink is great for the up coming fall season. It’s short sleeve with a sweet striped pattern just below the neckline with matching stripes complementing the bottom of the babydoll dress. This whole ensemble is accompanied with a pair of white, slightly polka dotted leggings. As well as an ADORABLE pair of slip-on shoes. This is a MUST have item! Check it out:

The next need to have item is the Immani ensemble:

This is one of my FAVORITES right now. It’s super cute and definitely great on any gal! It’s top is a deep orange/yellow with an adorably printed argyle guitar stretching across the the 3/4 length top. It’s matching skirt compliments the top perfectly and looks phenomenally cute with the green/yellow argyle knee socks. Top top off the awesome outfit, a pair of pink Mary-Jane’s, that will definitely make you look trendy and super cool! This is the PERFECT back to school hang-out item. Just look!

You can see ALL this plus more at [Baby Couture]. Remember, Fashion makes perfect! Can’t wait to see you around [Baby Couture]!

This is Riley Sapphire Signing off :]

Peace, love & fashion,

Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager