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21 Jul

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a super quick post for you all, but it’s accompanied by a BIG release.

[Baby Couture] Has released a HUGE handful of outfit releases, dresses, babydolls with jeans and Capri outfits all varied and some with different color variations. Also TWO shapes were released. Ashley and Amelia.

Let’s get to it! First we have the Jenny outfit. Definitely one of my favorites.

This is a Babydoll and jean shorts ensemble. The blue and orange colors are super complimenting, and the sleeveless style makes it perfect for the summer. It’s perfect for a picnic day at the park! The jean shorts are adorable and comfy under the adorable babydoll top! Take a look for yourself!

The next two are shapes released this week. The first one is the Amelia Shape and the second is the Ashley Shape.

The Amelia Shape is adorable with it’s smaller eyes and wider face and the Ashley is SO cute with it’s smaller pout and thinner face! BOTH shapes are available as DEMOS at the [Baby Couture] location, along with the other Shapes the store has to offer. Take a look at them (Amelia first Ashley is second):

SO! I bet you’re curious! Go on, head down to [Baby Couture] and check out the latest release. You’ll ADORE everything!

This is Riley Sapphire Signing off :] Can’t wait to see you at [Baby Couture]!

Peace, love & fashion,

Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager

9 Jul

Hey Fashionistas!

Hope your summer is going FAN-TASTIC! We here at [Baby Couture] are doing great… SO great in fact that we have another amazing release for you! This release consists of 3 totally fashionable must have outfits. As well as something new to [Baby Couture].. Three new hair sets! So let’s get to it!

First off we have the adorable ‘Sweet As Cake Hannah’ ensemble.

This out fit (like the other two) is a new look for [Baby Couture] but definitely one you’re sure to fall in love with. Unlike most of the other outfits, this outfit comes with a pair of softly polka-dotted tights and loud, colorful top and skirt that is adorably striped with warm colors. It has small straps and along with these pieces are a pair of sparkly MaryJane flats, perfect bangles for both wrists and the sweetest matching headband! ALL included when you buy the ‘Sweet As Cake Hannah Outfit’ from [Baby Couture].

The second newly released number is called ‘Sweet as cake Ayaliah’. This outfit is perfect for shopping or those cooler days. The skirt has an awesome swede look to it, and the multicolored polka dots just complete it. For the top half, there is a longer short sleeve top that is complimented by the skirt. The shirt reads “Sweet As Cake”, which is fitting. This number also comes with an adorable matching hat that holds the same pattern of the skirt and to complete the whole ensemble; an adorable matching pair of shoes. Take a look!

The last outfit released from [Baby Couture]’s collection, is the adorable number called ‘Sweet As Cake Bellalicious’. This is a simple but totally stylish number that is SO perfect for any Fashionista’s ‘closet’. It’s pink top with different colored polka dot patches is so perfect on especially when coupled with the matching jean capri. It’s complimenting with any hair and skin and the pink flats with a matching bow completes the whole look! Have a look for yourself!

NOW for the newest piece of the [Baby Couture] collection… I have have modeled one of of the three hairs being sold right now. It’s called Mariza. The adorable side swept bangs will make any shaped head look even prettier. It’s short, slightly longer than shoulder length and is SO cute in every way.

The other two hairs offered are called “Roxy” and “Autumn, both very different styles and both totally adorable! All three hairs are sold separately and come in 5 colors, Sandy, Honeysuckle, Licorice, Sienna and Cocosheen!

Intrigued?? GOOD! Get going to [Baby Couture] and grab the newest items to complete YOUR fashion Fantastic inventory! While you’re at it, please be sure to make a donation to the donation cupcakes. All proceeds will go to helping a friend and long time [Baby Couture] Co-Designer and ::Forever Young:: Designer/owner get a new computer and come back to SL. Every little bit helps.

This is Riley Sapphire Signing off :] Can’t wait to see you at [Baby Couture]!

Peace, love & fashion,
Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager