25 Jun

Aloha Fashionistas!

Summer has officially arrived at [Baby Couture] with some amazing, summer fresh looks for you all to enjoy! These new looks include:

– 1 child/adult dress [for you and your mommy or older sister to enoy!]
– 4 Child outfits.
-5 summer bikinis
– 1 pair of flip-flops that change colour!

And as always I have a few of the newest outfits for you, so take a look!

First we have the Francheska.
This adorable number is light. It’s soft, yellow, off-the-shoulder top compliments the dark denim frill skirt perfectly! Hidden under the shirt you see a soft pink halter design to give the outfit a little edge! To complete this adorable number, it comes with an adorable pair of white sandals that holds a little flower piece just on the top! Take a look!

Second, I’m bringing out a pant outfit called Ariel.
This piece is definitely different from a lot of the other outfits that [Baby Couture] offers. Starting from the head there is a sweet, striped headband, accompanied with a flower and soft material piece that falls perfect to the shoulder. For the top, a colorful, striped babydoll that matches the faux tie-belt on the jean capri! Along with all that there is a jewelry set that sights nicely on your left wrist and lastly, a pair of matching flats! All included when you buy the Ariel outfit!

Third, I’m modeling The Retro Dots Bikini, ONE of 5 new bikinis now being sold at [Baby Couture]. This Two-piece is CRAZY adorable! It’s a brown base with multi-colored bring circles and dots splashed over it. It’s strapless and it’s perfect with the little frill. Definitely a MUST have for the summer weather!

Now, last, but definitely not least! We have the Lorimae, matching child/adult dresses! This number is SO perfect for you and your mom or you and your older sister to wear while shopping or just taking a stroll. The colors are bright and vibrant and the pattern is amazing. It’s definitely gonna complete any little girls’ [and big girls’] closet! You SO need to pick one up this up!

I’m excited!! Are you?? You should be. SO get yourself down to [Baby Couture] and pick up the hottest items in available and your Second Life!


Peace, love & fashion,
Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager


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