20 Jun

Hello Lovely Fashion Forward Friends!

It’s me, Riley, bringing you, our faithful [Baby Couture] shoppers the LARGE load of outfits that have been released at [Baby Couture]!

Diving right into the first dress, it’s called: Fergie

If you LOVE purple and adore the funkier and super awesome side of children clothing, then this number is PERFECT for you!

The skirt is super cute and an awesome solid purple. The design on the off the shoulder shirt is great, especially if you love music! This number comes with amazing jewelry including a large silver sparkly heart charm necklace as well as the coolest silver shoes, complete with this awesome wrap around ankle piece that totally completes the look! Take a look!

The Second piece I have modeled for you, is called Sofie. It’s a complete contrast to the first but is beautiful and simple and perfect all at once. If you’re into the bigger, puffy and girly dresses, than the Sofie is a dress that you NEED in your SL.

It’s adorable and the combination of colors are perfect. The Shoes are airy and great for that summer feel and for the cooler night’s the dress is complete with a sweet cardigan that sits just beautifully over the dress! Take a look!

Those are just TWO of the many dresses new at [Baby Couture]. Below I have modeled three more dresses. Starting with the Miya, a soft combo of summery colors, in the middle is Italia, a trendy and a perfect number for going on walks with, with your friends and/or family. Last but definitely not least is Cassie a white dress with blue, soft but beautiful flowers printed on it!

BUT it doesn’t stop there. June 20th (Saturday) expect ANOTHER round of outfits from [Baby Couture]! That’s right Fashionistas; ANOTHER release is set in motion! So keep your eyes peeled!

LAST be definitely not least….[Baby Couture] is taking part in a FASHION SHOW! That’s right, Saturday, June 20th, 2009, the Short and Sweet Fashion Show is taking place at 6PM SLT. [Baby Couture] will be in it! The entrance fee is only 100L, and definitely worth it!

SO get yourselves down there and support [Baby Couture], the following that, head to the store and check out the LATEST releases! What MORE can you ask for??

Excited?? You should be! So get on down to [Baby Couture] now.. go now!! And be the coolest Fashionista on your SIM! You WON’T regret it!!


Peace, love & fashion,
Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/Manager


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