22 May

Hey Fashionistas!

I’m Riley and I’m gonna follow up my wonderful Baby Couture Blog Partner, Linsay with our second official post!
Today I’m bringing you FOUR gorgeous outfits and the newest releases, plus news, from the fabulous Baby Couture Store! These new dresses and outfits will definitely having you itching to get up and head off of Baby Couture to pick up the cutest new items!

First we have Daisie. This outfit is perfect for summer because it’s light and bright! The single Daisy design under the left strap gives it that sweet, soft feel. The babydoll top is seamless and the texture is unique and gentle. It’s an outfit perfect for wearing when hanging out with friends or family at the park or just strolling. It’s adorable and best of all, it’s Baby Couture! The capri/shorts come with two options. You can wear it without cuffs or sass it up with matching cuffs (included)! The outfit also come with lovely yellow and sandals that hold a star that matches the gray and yellow print!

The second outfit I have modeled for you from Baby Couture is an outfit called; Delilah!
This is an amazing outfit because it’s so funky and so bright and best of all; it comes in 3 colors! Orange, Purple and Green.
It’s cool, thin strapped design makes it perfect for a warm day. The textures blend perfectly together and are flawless. For the lower half you have a choice between mini jean shorts or turning it into a mini jean skirt. How efficient! Best of all, this amazing outfit comes with jewelry and shoes to match!

Third, Baby Couture is bringing you an adorable pink number called Hannah.
This outfit is perfect for going out shopping or going to cool places with all your gals and/or family. It’s got an adorable flowery print trimming, that can also be seen on the heart on the babydoll top, as well as the under tights. The tights sit under and complete the adorable capri pant! To complete this outfit, it comes with an lovely pair of sandals that holds a cute little flower on the top of it!

The fourth one Baby Couture is offering, is a SPECIAL one. It’s the May Cupcake prize!!
This outfit is a totally adorable, pink cupcake track outfit that will look amazingly cute on your child OR adult avatar! Best of all, all you gotta do is go to the Baby Couture Store, take a big bite out of the cupcake and hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to get one!

BABY COUTURE is now offering not ONE but TWO Manias!

In store, Baby Couture has up;
Midnight Mania– Get 100 friends to click the midnight Mania board and win the Brand New BROOK outfit with a long and short dress option!
Daytime Mania– You MUST be a member of the Baby Couture group to click. (There is a group invite kiosk inside the store.)  ONLY 25 people gotta click it to win. Once ALL it’s gotten 25 clicks the board sends out the dress no matter WHAT time it is! Right now it’s featuring the SADIE outfit!

***Both Mania outfits and the lucky cupcake outfit are exclusive and can only be gotten while they are in the boards.. once they’re taken out they will NOT be for sale!!!

Interest piqued? Good! Now what are you waiting for?? Head on down to Baby Couture and check the latest, trendiest and some of the vintage from this amazingly trendy shop! You WON’T regret it!

Peace, love & fashion,
Riley Sapphire; Baby Couture Blogger & Model/CSR


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