New Cuteness From [BabyCouture](5/15)

16 May

Hey Everyone!
Today we have two new lovely releases from Baby Couture that are sure to make you the center of attention.
I’m going to get started of with this little number, Julia.
This dress is absolutely perfect for summer! Its pink, Like any little girlie girl would want, flowy airy and adorable (of course I mean… it is from Baby Couture!). The textures are perfect with seamless lines, and amazing details. Sleeveless, with a little bit of ribbing at the top, yellow poppy flowers, and the skirt is little above knee length including an underskirt also to make the skirt fuller and prettier- just another one of the fabulous details of this dress. It also includes a matching headband with a flower on it, and the sandals.
:[baby couture] Julia dress blog post photo by you.

moving right along the next item is a cute little number called Starr.
Starr is a halter style shirt and short combo. Perfect for you girls who don’t necessarily adore pink- but still want to look the part. It comes with a top, baby doll flexi shirt bottom, Bermuda length jean shorts with prim legs, and sandals.
This outfit is bright and cheery, perfect placement of a star on the halter top, and matching orange stars on the sandals. The prims for the shorts are also very cutely detailed with matching shell patches, they move amazingly with your avatar as you walk, and are equipped with the all famous sizing script to ensure a perfect fit to your one of a kind avatar. 🙂

:[Baby Couture] Starr outfit Blog photograph by you.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on a taxi to Baby Couture and grab a copy of these stunning new summer outfits! I ensure you that you will not be disappointed.

have a beautiful and fabulous day girls!
Much Love,
Linsay Aya
Baby Couture blogger/model manager.


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